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Recipe Website

Usability Research, UI/UX, Software Development, Software Testing

As one of the leading dairy products in the Philippines, Nestle All-Purpose Cream planned to revamp its website with the vision of it becoming the home cook’s main source of inspiration in creating delightful moments in the kitchen.


With this vision in mind, the challenge to the team was how to deliver on an experience that can give users delight and differentiate it from other recipe websites that are already existing.

Pink Cream
Food blog


The Quiddity (Qairos) Team, as the UX partner of the Nestle All-Purpose Cream Team, conducted user research to learn more about its users, why and how they go to recipe websites. 


Using the insights gathered from the research, the team was able to come up with the experience and design that’s now known as the Create With Cream website. 

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Since the launch of the revamped Create With Cream website in 2020, there’s been an increase in the number of websites, vis-a-vis the previous year: 2.2M in 2019 and then reaching to about 10.4M in 2020. 


Create With Cream has also become an internal benchmark for other Nestle Philippines brands in terms of website performance and experience. 

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This is ViVYD, our proprietary digital events platform.

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